SERVICE in the SUEZ CANAL ZONE of EGYPT until 1956

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Are you on one of these photos ?  Or do you recognise anyone ?

This photo was sent in by Margaret Cooke whose husband John in on the right.
The photo was taken at Tel el Kebir in 1953.


 The A & G Section of 3 Infantry Workshop R.E.M.E, Shandur, 1954.
Back row from L to R, Sgt Rocky Baretto, Andy Williams, and Jim Wilberforce 3rd from right back row.

Photo sent in by: Jim Wilberforce

119 Supply Platoon, Moascar. 1955.
Photo sent in by: John Henley.

5355 Airfield Constuction lads at RAF Abu Sueir.  1951.

Vic ?  - Willy Urquart  - Pat Divers  - Ainsley Surey
Chris Wike  - ? Tarbuck  - Sgt ?
Ordnance Directorate at GHQ Fayid.

                 Radio Section, 84 Squadron. RAF Abu Sueir.  January 1956.
Searching for 'Brasso' Brassington (3rd from left), Tony Weston (4th),
Mick Bryant (5th),
'Boots' Godfrey (2nd from right).
See the 'Where Are You Now' page on this website
for contact details.

'A' Ptn. 40 Coy. RASC.
Self Catering.

'A' Ptn, 40 Coy. R.A.S.C. Fayid.  1954/56.
Denis Nuthall, of 'A' Ptn, who sent the photo, wrote underneath it:

My fellows were always sitting on walls, they were always looking for empty walls to sit on.  The three at the back are not sitting or squatting as such, they are taking the mickey out of ‘B’ Ptn."

'B' Ptn, 40 Coy. R.A.S.C. Fayid.  1954/56.
Denis wrote underneath this one:
This is ‘B’ Ptn, they don’t know what to do. Some are squatting,
some are standing, one poor soul is even kneeling.  It was easier to
find a wall to sit on. Look at their berets, they were awarded 'Best Ptn' once,
and they believed it.

P3 Staff. 107MU RAF Kasfareet.  1955.
Photo sent in by Eric Todd.

SAC Hewitt - LAC Madeley - SAC Baker - SAC Elliot - LAC Ronayne
LAC Cutler - SAC Meikle - LAC Flood - LAC Hawden - SAC Philip
LAC Cachia - Cpl Todd - LACW Peters - Flt Sgt Mills - Sgt (W) Piggin
Sgt Coleman - SACW Hyde - Cpl Broughton.

Operators at Fayid Main Exchange. Nov. 1952.
Photo sent in by Bryan Baker.

F Cumberland - J Watson - B Baker - N Bannock - R Busby
A Kidd - D Woodland

Some lads of 3 Div. OFP, RAOC, Moascar.
On leave at Port Fouad holiday camp. July 1954.
Photo sent in by Gordon Iles.

PASCO Orderly Room Staff.  RAF Kasfareet. February 1954.
Photo sent in by Jack Garry

8 Troop, 42 Field Squadron, Royal Engineers. Fayid 1952.
Photo sent in by Derek Male.

8 Troop Lines, 42 Fld Sqdn. R.E.  Minden Camp, Fayid 1952.
Top right: Ian Culver. Bottom left: Derek Male.

Photo sent in by Derek Male.

Some lads of 5355 Airfield Construction Wing,
RAF Abu Sueir. 1951.
Photo sent in by Peter Plumridge.

Royal Navy football team 1953-55

Royal Navy / Royal Marines Football team, sometime in 1953 - 1955.

Back row left to right:
Dave Wallace - Ted Lowe - Jim Routeleigh - ?? - ?? - Shiner Wright.

Front row left to right:
Maxie Bygraves - Fred ?? - ?? - Mac Mackenzie  - ??

The photo was sent in by Dave Wallace ex Royal Navy who was stationed at Navy House Port Said  and  GHQ Fayid 1953 - 1955.

4 lads of Line Troop. 2 Squadron 3 L of C Signal Regiment MELF 15.
The one on the left in the hat is Geoff (Jay) Rockley.

This chap was a REME LAD ( Royal Sussex Regt )
and the Photo was taken at Shandur Camp 1952.

Course N° 637
Ellsmere Trade Training Camp ( REME ) Shropshire.1951

Front Row L to R .
 '??' -  Charlie Hill - L/Cpl Charlie Punyer - Ron Hulme - ? White

Rear Row L to R
Ian Rinn - '??' -  Jack Kelly - L/Cpl Jack Holden - '??' - '??' -
 Ralph Sabin -  '??'

Although this photo was not taken in the Canal Zone five of the lads
on it were posted out there.

With thanks to replies received, Ian now has the names of all those on
the photo and is in contact with some of them.  Feb '08

This lad was at Shandur 1952.
REME LAD, Royal Sussex Regt.

This is Clive (Lofty) Richardson REME. Shandur 1952.

HQ 148 Field Bakery Coy. R.A.S.C. Fayid 1951 - 1953.
(Center front row: Capt Harper and daughters.)

Photo taken in Nicosia during two weeks leave from Egypt 1952.
Denis Aston, - Konrad, (RAF) and Cpl Crabtree.

Lunch break at HQ 148 Field Bakery Fayid 1952.
Den is still looking for 'Goody' - 'Hooper' - and 'Taffy'.

These six photos were sent in by Tommy Conroy who was with the South Lancs Regiment at Shandur.
Tommy says the photos were taken on the camp in June or July 1954.

BVD(E) Tel el Kebir Football Team 1953 - 1954.
Four mates from BVD(E) TeK in the NAAFI about 1954.

Some lads from
BVD(E) TEK enjoying a spot of leave in Famagusta, Cyprus. 1954.

These three
BVD(E) TEK photos were sent in by Norman Brody, (R.A.O.C.)

STSO Staff, RAF Abu Sueir.  1952 or 1953?
Photo sent in by Peter Canelle.

Elfyn Owen on the left, Roger Stanley on the right,
but who is that in the middle?
L6 Top Site, RAF El Firdan. 1953 or 1955?
Photo sent in by Roger Stanley.

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