SERVING in the SUEZ CANAL ZONE of EGYPT until 1956

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Photo Album  -  Then and Now

The colour photos were taken in the Suez Canal Zone during a visit April / May 2004
and the old black and white ones were taken in the early 1950s

The Railway Station, Ismailia.

Negrelli Street, Ismailia.

The notorious YMCA Bridge, Ismailia.

Site of the 'Blue Kettle Club' in Ismailia.

         The Treaty Road between RAF Fayid and RAF Abyad...                                             ...and entering Fayid Village.

The Sweet Water Canal...                                       in Ismailia...                                      ...and just north of Ismailia.

Fishing in the Sweet Water Canal.
French Square, Ismailia.

De Lessep's Statue...     ...the plinth in Port Said now....               ....and the one in Port Suez.

The main gate to what was RAF El Firdan.

Near to what was RAF Abyad.
Mount Shubra just hidden behind the tree.

 Was RAF Fayid.
 The old main runway just visable.

                                        The new bridge over the Canal at El Qantara.                                           Looking towards El Qantra Village.

A corner shop...                                               fish monger....                                             and a fruit seller in Ismailia.

Some things haven't changed
.             Dwellings by the side of the Treaty Road...                                 ...and the desert.

         The Vic Lido at Fayid as it was in 1953.       Hotel at Fayid where the Vic Lido used to be.        Kilo 99 check-point just outside Suez.

Sunset over Ismailia, by the side of Lake Timsah.
In the area that was known as French Beach.

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