SERVING in the SUEZ CANAL ZONE of EGYPT until 1956

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Album of Photos taken in the Suez Canal Zone.  Page 21

I recently received some photos which were taken by Sheliah Ford (WRAC) who served with the General Staff Intelligence
in the Canal Zone,1950 to 1953 and I am pleased to be able to show 15 of them on this page.
My thanks go to Milton Grimleigh, a relation of Sheliah's, who sent me the photos.

Khan Khalil's shop, Fayid shopping village.
The Mummy in Khan Khalil's shop, and the details shown with it.

A view in Fayid shopping village.

Sweet Water Canal near Fayid.
Photo by Beryl Arbery

Two more of Fayid Shopping Village

The beach by the Great Bitter Lake. The Old Vic Lido, Fayid.

The 9th Independant Airborne had a desert exercise around the Ataka Mountain Range in March 1953.
(Don't know who took these but they were in Sheliah's photo album.)

Port Said - Port Fouad Ferry

Ferry landing stage at Port Fouad

Sheliah Ford (WRAC) whose album the above photos were taken from, on the jetty at The Old Vic Lido, Fayid. March 1953.

Moascar Sports Grandstand under construction.

Bum-Boats in Port Said harbour

Start of R.E. Bridge across the Canal at Kilo 74.

Part of 156 Transit Camp, Port Fouad.

DCRE yard at Moascar.

DCRE yard at Moascar.

Prototype concrete bugalow at Moascar. 1951.

W.O. and Sgts Mess, Moascar.

Main Street, Moascar.

Guard Room, Moascar.

Married Quaters, Moascar.

St George's Church, Moascar.

The C of E Institute, Moascar.
The above 15 photos were supplied by Charles Friend (R.E.) who worked with DCRE at Moascar.

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My thanks to the Suez Veterans who supplied the photos to produce this Photo Album.
© Charlie Delta. March 2010.