SERVING in the SUEZ CANAL ZONE of EGYPT until 1956

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Album of Photos taken in the Suez Canal Zone.  Page 20

We must not forget that when we were doing our time in the Canal Zone
the families of servicemen were also out there suffering similar conditions.
This photo of school children was taken at one of the schools in 1953 or 1954
and was sent to me by John Williams, 4th from the left, back row.

Another person who spent some time of her childhood in the Zone was Sylvia Fletcher, daughter of  R.A.F Sergeant Ken (Ginger) Cooke.
Ken served in Egypt during WW2 and returned to the Canal Zone for another tour in 1949. His family joined him a few months later and lived in
married quarters at Ismailia and Abu Sueir.  Ken also served at Kasfareet and El Firdan.  During her time in the Canal Zone Sylvia spent seven months
in the hospital at RAF Abyad suffering from rhumatic fever, her parents and twin sister were only able to visit her for one hour each Sunday afternoon.
Due to the escalating troubles, Sylvia, her sister and Mother were amongst those families who were returned to the UK on the 'Empress of Australia'.
The nine photos below were sent to me by Sylvia and the captions are her own.

Dad on his way to Egypt for
the second time. 1949.

Dad outside his tent.

Dad with my sister and myself.
(Outside All Saints Church, Ismailia)

My sister, me and a friend, with the laundry man.

Dad with the ambulance drivers who
took me from Abu Sueir to Abyad hospital.

Myself with Sister Catell and
Taffy at RAF Abyad.

View from our flat window.

French Gardens, Ismailia.

On the 'Empress of Australia'
ready to come home.

On guard at Abu Sultan.
These 3 photos supplied by Ernie Ball. 

Abu Sultan village and Sweet Water Canal.
photo supplied by Ernie Ball.

By Abu Sultan Filtration Plant.
photo supplied by Ernie Ball.

Community Centre?, Abu Sultan.
photo supplied by Ernie Ball.

Royal Berkshire Regt going on guard...
photo supplied by Doug Moore. one of the Filtration Plants.
photo supplied by Doug Moore.

Some of the Royal Berks lads.
photo supplied by Doug Moore.

Some lads of R.E.M.E. LAD at Geneifa.  1954.
photo supplied by Neville Lancelotte.

Result of an accident.
photo supplied by Neville Lancelotte.

One man and his dog.
photo supplied by Ernie Ball.

RAF El Firdan main gate
photo supplied by Allan Taylor
A closer view of RAF El Firdan main gate.
photo supplied by  James Duddridge.

RAF El Firdan Station Headquarters.
photo supplied by Allan Taylor

Main gate, GHQ, Fayid.

Main gate, Namur Camp, Fayid.

Dismantling Spinney Wood. RAF Comms centre.
photo supplied by Allan Taylor

Can anyone tell us where and what this building was?
photo supplied by Keith Honey.

On a scheme.
photo supplied by Charles Care.

On guard again at Minden Camp.
photo supplied by Derek Male.

Speedway at Fayid Stadium.
photo supplied by Eric Meeres.

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My thanks to the Suez Veterans who supplied the photos to produce this Photo Album.
© Charlie Delta. June 2009.