SERVING in the SUEZ CANAL ZONE of EGYPT until 1956

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Album of Photos taken in the Suez Canal Zone.  Page 17

Basil James Wheldon, who took and developed all the photos on this page, served with the Royal Artillery during WW2 and was with the BEF at
Dunkirk and later served in Iraq, Syria, North Africa and Italy.  After the war he was attached to the Ministry of Defence, Command Ordnance Depot
in Lancashire. The family assume that through his position at the MoD Command Ordnance Depot he was called on to provide some sort of
technical support as a Civilian Contractor to the British Forces in the Canal Zone and spent time at 10 BOD Geneifa in 1952.  Sadly he died in 1965.
My thanks go to his daughter Mary Wheldon for supplying the photos and allowing them to be added to this ‘Photo Album’ and to his grandson
David Pimborough for sending them to me.  I trust they will be interesting to anyone who served at Geneifa.

The comments in italics under the photos are not mine but are what Basil wrote on the back of them. 

Please be patient whilst downloading, there are 42 photos on the page.

Basil James Wheldon. 1952.

R.A.O.C. Possible 10 Base Ordnance Depot.

Arab labourers entrance.

Our tent.

Married Quarters and plateau.

The Officers Mess and sheds.

Entrance to No. 1 Mess.

Four Waiters from No 1 Sgts Mess.

No 1 Mess garden and dance floor.

Paddy Hall at home.

Pioneer Camp Office.

Camp Office Pioneer Corps.

John Cotterell at the Mighty Wurlitzer.

No 1 Switch panel.

No 3 and 2 Engines.

Looking East from the roof of  2 ER.

Rear of No2 Engine Room.

Locks on Ismailia canal.

Fayid camera shop.

The Auberge Tea Room.

Sgt 'Paddy' Hall's hound.

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My thanks to the Suez Veterans who supplied the photos to produce this Photo Album.
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