SERVING in the SUEZ CANAL ZONE of EGYPT until 1956

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Album of Photos taken in the Suez Canal Zone.  Page 11

Please note:  The photos on this page are subject to owners copyright

The photos on this page were taken at RAF Abu Sueir and were supplied by Ray Gibbs.

Main road through RAF Abu Sueir going east...

...and going west.

Tented area under construction.

Barrack Blocks.

Inside one of the barracks.

With some beds outside.

Guard Room.

'Astra' camp cinema.

Driveway to officer's mess.

Camp swimming pool.

Hard at work in the Base Accounts Office.

Base Accounts Office building.



...and guard duties.

Moving equipment.

Loading a Queen Mary.

The Queen Mary ready to go.

Another truck leaving.
And on its way to somewhere...

Looking out from the 'Wimpey' compound.

New water tower.

Trig.Point on camp. 48.9 feet above Med Sea level.

RAF Dog Handler off duty.

Desert patrol?

Aly Osman and customers.

Over ships on the Canal.

Northen end of Lake Timsah.

Northen end of the Great Bitter Lake.

Views of Abu Sueir village.

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My thanks to the Suez Veterans who supplied the photos to produce this Photo Album.
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