SERVING in the SUEZ CANAL ZONE of EGYPT until 1956

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Album of Photos taken in the Suez Canal Zone.  Page 3

The names of people who supplied the photos are now being included under the photos.  Photos with the initials C.D. underneath are my own,
those without a name means I have probably mislaid or lost the record of who supplied it. - Sorry about that folks!

Please note:  ©. Most of the photographs on the pages of this Photo Album are the copyright of the supplier or the webmaster.
To be on the safe side, and to be fair to the suppliers, all photos shown are to be regarded as having a copyright held.

The first nine photos on this page were supplied by Peter Verney.  Peter was a Sergeant Navigator (Meteors) with 39 Squadron RAF at RAF Kabrit
Preparing for take-off.
Meteor NF13 over-flying a tanker on the Bitter Lake.

Meteors in formation over the lakes. 

Coronation flypast.

Over one of the villages.

Flying over RAF Kabrit.

Coming in to land at Kabrit.
Retracted undercarriage accident. (Peter was not involved.)
The above photos supplied by Peter Verney.

205 Group (RAF) Communications Flight ground crew. (RAF Abyad.) August 1955.
photo supplied by Dick Woolley.

205 Group (RAF) Pembroke.
photo supplied by Dick Woolley.

West Gate linking RAF Abyad with RAF Fayid.
photo supplied by Dick Woolley.

205 Group (RAF) Prentice.
photo supplied by Dick Woolley. 

Entrance to RAF Abu Sultan.
photo supplied by Andy Miller.

Abu Sultan tent lines.
photo supplied by Andy Miller.

Abu Sultan station band.
photo supplied by Andy Miller.

R.A.F. Welfare Bus.
photo supplied by Bill Mansfield.

Out of service.
photo supplied by John Grant.

"Tickets please". Another R.A.F. Welfare bus.

NAAFI Emporium in Fayid shopping village.

Local shops in Fayid village.

More local shops in Fayid.

The 'Hole in the Wall' shop, Fayid.

Part of Fayid village.
photo supplied by Ken Edwards.

On the Canal Road looking towards the Old Vic Lido.
photo supplied by John Grant.
The Old Vic Lido at Fayid.
photos supplied by John Grant.

Train at Abu Sueir station.

Locals collecting scrap on the Treaty Road.
photo supplied by Dick Woolley.

A Chico with his donkey.

Lads of RAF 5355 Wing Airfield Constuction working at RAF Fayid.
photos supplied by Tony Tolan.

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My thanks to the Suez Veterans who supplied the photos to produce this Photo Album.
© Charlie Delta. October 2004.
Page revised: © May 2009.