SERVING in the SUEZ CANAL ZONE of EGYPT until 1956

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By that Palm Tree at the Old Vic Lido, Fayid.

For the visitors to this page who are not familiar with the Old Vic Lido at Fayid, I should explain it was by the Great Bitter Lake, it had a long
Jetty that ran out into the lake and was a place for safe swimming, snorkelling and other water related sports . On the beach was the main
building where one could have a few drinks, get something to eat and either sit in the sun or under the veranda.  It was one of the favourite
places visited by many servicemen and women who went there to relax during off-duty periods.  At the waters edge was a double trunked
palm tree. A local photographer was very often in attendance and for little money would take a photo of people standing in front of this tree.
During the early 1950s he must have taken hundreds of these souvenir photos.

photo     photo     photo
                  In 1948 it was known as                                             Some time later it was refurbished, added to and became known as
              The Bitter Lake Bathing Beach.                                                                          The Old Vic Lido.

photo     photo
                  The Tree

Here are a few photos sent in to this website by Suez Veterans, to whom I give my thanks.

Terry Barnett on the right, with pals.
R.A.P.C. Maida Camp. 1954/55.
Photo sent in by himself.

'Smudger' Smith and Denis Nuthall.
40 Coy. RASC. Karen Camp, Fanara.
Photo sent in by Denis Nuthall.

Terry Barnett.
R.A.P.C. Maida Camp. 1954/55.
Photo sent in by himself.

George Rountree on the right.
41 Field Rgt R.A. El Ballah.  1949/50

Photo sent in by himself.
The photo was coloured by hand by the photgrapher
at the time of taking.

? Martin - Jock Doherty - Geoff Wright
Photo sent in by
Geoff Wright
Jock Doherty - 'Titch' - Geoff Wright
Photo sent in by
Geoff Wright
Some lads from HQ 148 Field Bakery
Photo sent in by Denis Aston

Only remembered as 'Brushy'
Photo sent in by Tony Tolan

Only remembered as 'Geordie'
Photo sent in by Tony Tolan

Dick Woolley and 'Glen' Masterson
Photo sent in by
Dick Woolley

'Sapper' Dave Hickman
Photo sent in by himself
Ashmore, Pilkington, Green, Maloney,
Hopwood, Hunter, Carey, ?
Royal Signal boxing team ( 3 L of C )
Photo sent in by  Jack Hopwood.  
Photo sent in by Gordon Neave.

Brian (?), Mick (?), Harry Green, Unknown.
Royal Signals.
Photo sent in by Harry Green's daughter, Lesley.

Ken Edwards and mates celebrating.

Photo sent in by Ken Edwards.

Three mates together.
Photo sent in by Fred Lee.

Mick and Jock
Photo sent in by Mick Pestell.

Ted Fiddler

Ted and one of his mates.

Another mate.

Two more mates.
These four photos sent in by Eddie Fiddler,Ted's son.

Chris Wike and 'Nobby' Racher.
Ordnance Directorate. No. 2 Coy. 1951.
Photo sent in by Chris Wike.

Robin Neath-Lane (Neath), Bob Butler, and
Paddy Campbell.
Royal Signals, 3 GHQ, 1955.
Photo sent in by Robin Neath-Lane.

Gil,  Walter,  Larry.
Ray and Keith 1954.

1st Inf. Div Provost Coy. C.R.M.P.
Photo sent in by Gil Stanley.

Lush - Jock - Taffy - Smirk - Mac - Woody.
Stationed at Tel el Kebir 1951.
photo sent in by  Ernie Wood.

Sheliah Ford, WRAC, (in front) with a friend.
General Staff Inteligence. 1950 -1953.
photo sent in by Milton Grimleigh.

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of Suez photos in the website's 
Canal Zone Photo Album

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