SERVICE in the SUEZ CANAL ZONE of EGYPT until 1956

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Many articles covering events and life in the  Suez Canal Zone 'Emergency'  period of 1951 - 1954.
Written by the people who were there.

An award winning website covering the history of  British military conflicts since 1945.
Chapters include:
  The Suez Canal Zone - Aden - Borneo - Bosnia - Cyprus - Falklands - Gulf - Malaya - Suez 1956 - Vietnam
and many more.

A website preview of an excellent programme available on DVD which tells the story of the
Royal Marines brave mission to rescue members of the British community in
Limbang, Sarawak after rebels had captured the town in December 1962.
The film is produced by Brush Fire Films, of which Martin Spirit, (Director and Head of Production,)
is also owner and chief Webmaster of the Britain's Small Wars Website.

Help for Heroes is a charity that does wonderful work for servicemen and women,
both directly and through its support of other service charities.

The  revised official website of
the Suez Veterans Association

The website of the Lancashire Fusiliers who served in the Suez Canal Zone
and were heavily involved in the action at the Bureau Sanitaire.

The website of the Royal Lincolnshire & Royal Anglian Regimental Association.
The Royal Lincolnshire Regiment served in the Suez Canal Zone during the early 1950s.

A privately owned website with a vast amount of information covering many aspects of the Royal Air Force.
Stations, Squadrons, Commands, Groups, Wings, R.A.F. Regiment, Personnel, and much more.
I can recommend this site, it is a 'must visit' for all those who have served in the R.A.F.

The official website of the RAFA.

A website to search for and
interact with RAFA service pals.

The Aerial Erectors Association

Alwyn York's
R.A.F. Kasfareet website.

1 Para Reunion Club Website.

UK Armed Forces Veterans Lapel Badge
Veterans Agency
Men and women who enlisted in HM Armed Forces after 03 September 1945 are entitled to a Veterans Lapel Badge.
This badge is issued free of charge by the Ministry of Defence Veterans Agency and there is no qualifying length of service.

Click on the link above to go to their webpage for details and to download an application form.

(Sorry, they won't give me permission to show an image of the badge.)

The website of the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas in Staffordshire.
The location of the Suez Veterans Memorial.

The Palace Barracks Memorial Garden

is dedicated to some of those who
have given the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the Armed Forces.

The immaculately kept one and a half acre memorial garden
pays tribute to the fallen.

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Gnr Stanley Briggs
190 Battery 71st HAA R.A.  Fayid
An interesting website that includes an account of his Army days in Egypt..

John Boon.
Memories of a young service dependant
who was in the Suez Canal Zone 1950 - 1953

ex Lance Corporal Terence Brierley.
About the Korean war 1950 - 1953
and his time in the Army.

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BBC Local Radio.
Radio Derby.

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