SERVICE in the SUEZ CANAL ZONE of EGYPT until 1956

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The Suez Canal Zone General Service Medal

NGSM                GSM
NGSM 1915-62                 GSM 1918-62

On 11th June 2003 the Prime Minister announced in the House of Commons that the Naval General Service Medal 1915-62 and the
General Service Medal 1918-62 with ‘Canal Zone’ clasp was to be awarded to those who had served in the Suez Canal Zone of Egypt
during the
period 16th October 1951 to 19th October 1954.

The criteria for qualification is that one must have served in the Canal Zone for a minimum of thirty consecutive days between the above dates and
the following personnel are eligible to apply:

Members of the Armed Forces based in the Suez Canal Zone at that time;

Accompanying civilians who wore the appropriate uniform of their organisation;

Commonwealth and Colonial forces, subject to approval by their government;

Foreign nationals enlisted with any of the above categories.

Veterans, and next of kin of veterans who have died, are invited to apply in writing to the appropriate medal office giving Full Name, Rank,
Service Number, Date of Birth, Date of Enlistment and Date of Discharge.  Next of kin will be required to supply supporting documentation.

The address for  Royal Marines,  Royal Navy,  Army and  Royal Air Force applications is:

  Service Personnel and Veterans Agency
Ministry of Defence Medal Office
Innsworth House
Injin Barracks

They will acknowledge every application on receipt. In common with other campaign medals, all applications will be dealt with strictly in the order that they are received.  If you intend to apply for the medal there could be a short wait while they recover the necessary Service files from the Departmental archives, checking individual eligibility and preparing medals for despatch. They will deal with all cases as quickly as they can,

It is a basic principle of the Honours and Awards system that medals are not issued unless qualification has been proved from official records. Regrettably, there is a lack of detail in many Service records of the 1950s and some people who believe their service qualified them for a medal and clasp will not be able to receive them because of the absence of satisfactory evidence.  Don't worry. This does not mean that individuals' Records of Service have been lost or destroyed. Very few Service files are mislaid. In most cases where they are not held in the archives, and therefore not immediately available, it is because they are already in use elsewhere, perhaps by the Veterans Agency for use in assessment for a War Pension, or similar.  However, medals will only be issued if it can be proved from official evidence that an individual was in the right place at the right time for the necessary minimum period. It is known that some records of service give only general statements of where people served and corroboration will need to be sought from other records.

There is no need to send a copy of service records when applying, but for anyone who wishes to have a copy of their records, the postal addresses
of where to apply are:

The Historical Records Office Royal Marines
Ministry of Defence
Centurion Building
Grange Road
Hampshire. PO13 9XA

Army Personnel Centre
Disclosures 2
Mailpoint 515
Kentigern House
65 Brown Street
Glasgow. G2 8EX

Website Addresses:

RN Disclosure Cell
Mail Point G2, Room 48
West Battery
Whale Island
Portsmouth  PO2 8DX.

RAF Disclosures,
Room 220
Trenchard Hall
RAF Cranwell
Lincolnshire  NG34 0HB
The information on this page has been taken from various official websites and is accurate to the best of my knowledge.
Charlie Delta.
December 2004.
Revised: September 2005.