SERVING in the SUEZ CANAL ZONE of EGYPT until 1956

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Cairo and the Pyramids

For almost three years during the early 1950s the city of Cairo was ‘out of bounds’ to all British troops and there were many service personnel who spent up to two and a half years stationed in the Suez Canal Zone and were unable to visit Cairo or see the Pyramids.  When they arrived back in the UK people couldn’t understand why someone who had spent all that time in Egypt had never managed to go and see one of the Great Wonders of the World.  However, during the times that Cairo was ‘in bounds’ there were some excursions from most of the camps in the Canal Zone and these outings were always enjoyed.
This page contains a few photographs taken in Cairo and at the Pyramids by those fortunate enough to be able to visit the Egyptian capital on on some of those trips.  I thank those Suez Veterans who have supplied the photos and hope they will be of interest to you.

Cairo Museum.

King Tut's mask in the museum.

Other old bits outside the museum.

In the museum gardens.

..And again.

Museum visit over, now onto the next place.

A group of 'Inglisi' tourists.

Another group.

Being pounced on by the inevitable street vendors.

The al Rifai and el Galal Mosques.

The Arab Legation building.

The Railway Station.

The clock tower.

Mohamed Aly Mosque.

Inside the Mosque.

Overlooking the City from the Citadel.

Shara Suliman Street.
Locals getting a free ride on a tram.

Rue Suliman Pasha

Another street.

Bridge over the Nile.

The Palace of ex King Farouk.

King Farouk's Guest House near the Pyramids.

A group arrive at the Pyramids....

...and have a closer look.



Then onto the Sphinx.

And, of course, the ride on a Camel.

The Citadel and Mohamed Aly Mosque.

The interior of Mohamed Aly Mosque.
These are just two of the many picture postcards that would have been bought on one of the visits.
Though not one of the most ancient mosques in Cairo, nor even one of the most historic, because of its grandeur and its location in the Citadel,
the Mohammad Aly Mosque is the most popular mosque among tourists.

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Charlie Delta
May 2007.